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  1. Fernado del Valle says:

    I am a 37 years old Spaniard who will move to Copenhagen in 2 weeks
    I run for 20 years but needed to change to cycling last year due to surgeries
    I am reasonably fit and do aprox 400/500 kms per week
    I am looking for a club to ride with people and to know where I can ride in Denmark
    Is this sth you could help with?
    Many thanks

    • Gentofte CC says:

      Hi Fernando

      We’re currently on winter break, but the club will start it’s regular training rutines on tuesday 29th of march, where you are more than welcome to join us, at the parking lot of ‘Jorden Rundt’ a café on Strandvejen in Charlottenlund. We meet at 17.30 sharp and do around 80 km. Just inform the others that it’s your first time with the club and somebody will be pointed out as your ‘buddy’ of the day and give you a short introduction a long the way. You can follow the club on Facebook where most of the dialog is kept.

      Best regards,

      Gentofte CC

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